GFW 5/23

:: alterego :: all i do is win mashup [ gfw]
Tenjin Hellion In Heels Tattoo
Kennedy's Cry Baby-GFW 5/23/12
.:CoLL:. Once Upon a Time Necklace ~ GFW 5/23
[ Equ!p ] My Leo Ankle Boots - Mesh
all  Grenade Free Wednesday (GFW)
pierseng:[Acide!] Death
cilios:[Hush] - Lashes - Lush
skin: [Hush] Daisy Skin - Blue neww cute realase  =^.^=
6 skin tones from light to dark - sugar, vanilla, cream, honey, cocoa, caramel
3 brow shades - (db) darkbrows,  (mb) medium brows, (lb) lightbrows
Cleavage and (nc) no-cleavage options  modifiable shape

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